Policy Statement by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland


"The Catholic Church in Scotland is concerned with the lives, safety, wholeness and well-being of each individual person within God's purpose for everyone. It seeks to safeguard the welfare of people of all ages who are involved in whatever capacity with the Church and its organisations.

As a Church community, we accept that it is the responsibility of all of us, ordained, professed, paid and voluntary members, to work together to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect of children, young people and adults at risk."      

'Awareness and Safety in our Catholic Communities 2007'

In the Diocese of Paisley, we want to re-assure you that we are committed to working in line with the national policies, procedures and guidelines which have been in place since 1997 for dealing with issues of abuse. These policies, procedures and guidelines are regularly updated to reflect

  • new legislation from the civil authorities,
  • better knowledge on the part of experts and practitioners
  • and the experience gained in dealing with cases.

    The current version of our national policies, procedures and guidelines, published in 2007, is called “Awareness & Safety in Our Catholic Communities” and this can be viewed on request to your Parish Priest or on our Diocesan Website. The annual Diocesan Safeguarding Audit may also be found on our Diocesan website.
    In particular, we want to assure you that the Bishop and Priests of the Diocese of Paisley take this issue very seriously and that we continue to be committed to implementing these policies. We want to ensure that the children, young people and vulnerable adults of our Diocese can fully participate in the life of the Church in the safest possible environment.


    "As the Bishop of the Diocese of Paisley, I welcome today’s publication of the McLellan Report. The Bishops of Scotland accept in full the report’s recommendations and on behalf of us all Archbishop Tartaglia made a public apology (above) at Mass in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow."
    Bishop John Keenan


    More information can be obtained from the Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service as well as access to the McLellan Commission Final Report (2015), McLellan Commission Report (2015) Recommendations and Implementation Plan (November 2015).


    St Charles' Parish contact details:

    Father Stephen:  0141 889 2614
    Mrs Christine Riddoch: Diocesan Centre 0141 847 6130
    Parish Coordinator:      Jean Urquhart